A Master's Degree in Mathematics is an excellent career opportunity, whether you want to pursue a PhD
in Mathematics and a career in research and academia, or if you want to find a job in industry.

Our Master's programmes offer the chance to study at the renowned Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana, in the vibrant and beautiful capital city of Slovenia.

Programmes offered

We offer three Master's degree programmes, all of which consist of a number of mostly elective courses and a Master's thesis. To enrol, you need a first cycle Bologna degree or equivalent in Mathematics or a related field.

Our core programme is our Master's Programme in Mathematics. This is the best choice for students with an interest in pure mathematics, for those who wish to pursue a PhD degree in mathematics, and for those who want maximal flexibility in the selection of courses.

If you want to work in the financial industry, your best choice might be our Master's Programme in Financial Mathematics. In addition to courses in probability, statistics and financial mathematics, students also take some courses at the Faculty of Economics and some pure mathematics courses.

For students with a strong interest in computer science, we recommend our Master's Programme in Computer Science and Mathematics. This is a programme run jointly by our department and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

Here is a list of all the courses in recent academic years, and a list of all Master's level courses.

Why Ljubljana?

At our department, we are proud that we offer a first-class and accessible mathematics education. Please read more about our professors, and about the costs.

Our programmes offer many pure mathematics courses, and also many applied courses that give our students an edge when it comes to applying for jobs in industry (programming, data science, financial industry etc.).

We are also very proud of our city – Ljubljana is a wonderful city to live in!

Are you a good match for the programme?

Our programme is of high quality and quite demanding, so you need to have motivation and a proper background to do well. If your undergraduate preparation is not sufficient, you may have to pass additional courses before you can enrol, so do send us an e-mail if you are unsure.

We realise that you probably do not speak Slovene, and that two years is a short time to master a language. While some courses are in Slovene, there is always a wide selection of courses in English. For the courses that are in Slovene, you will still be able to get literature in English, attend office hours, and take the exam in English. There is no formal language requirement (either Slovene or English) for enrollment.

The Year plus programme is designed to help international students with the transition. You can find more information for international students here.