To apply, you need to submit an application form and some supporting documents. Applications open in February or March each year, and you have to apply by June 15 if you are a non-EU citizen and by the end of August if you are a EU citizen.

  • fill out the on-line application form using username and password option (unless you have a digital certificate issued by a Slovenian authority), see detailed instructions
  • get an officially certified copy of your degree and degree supplement
  • get a transcript of records issued by your educational institution (in English) containing all your grades along with an explanation of the grading scale
  • write a short CV (one page maximum)
  • have two professors write letters of recommendation for you

The supporting documents must be submitted by the end of June if you are a non-EU citizen and by mid September if you are a EU citizen. The exact dates vary by year.

If we still have available spaces, there will be another round of applications. The deadline is the end of August for non-EU citizens and mid September for EU citizens.

E-mail if you need more information about the programme, tuition, or costs, and with any other questions.