Master's Programme in Financial Mathematics

The Master's Degree in Financial Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana is a second cycle Bologna degree with 120 ECTS. To enrol, you need a first cycle Bologna degree (or equivalent) in mathematics, financial mathematics or a related field.


The department offers a wide selection of semester-long courses, and you are free to select the ones that suit your background and goals. The compulosory courses are Probability 2 and Financial mathematics 2. You also need to select five more courses in probability / statistics / financial mathematics, three courses at the Faculty of Economics, and four pure mathematics or theoretical computer science courses offered by the department; one course can be selected from other Master's level programmes offered by the University of Ljubljana.

Here is a list of all the courses in recent years, and a list of all Master's level courses.

Students typically choose five courses in the first three semesters, and one in the fourth semester. Most courses have three hours a week of lectures and two hours a week of problem sessions. In applied courses, there are two hours a week of lectures and two hours a week of problem sessions, and you need to choose and complete a project, usually involving some programming.

Internship and Thesis

In their final semesters, students must complete an internship at a company of their choice. Help in searching for the internship is provided if needed.

All students have to write a Master's thesis, an exposé of a chosen topic on roughly 50 pages. The student picks an advisor, who helps him or her choose the topic and ensures that the thesis is up to the standards required by the department. The thesis can be submitted in English.

More information is available here.